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Rain in a Dry Land

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Among the films I like best is Anne Makepeace’s Rain in a Dry Land, which follows two Bantu families from ravaged Somalia who are relocated in America. Both experience poverty, alienation, depression, family feuds; but they also discover dogged resilience and slivers of hope. It’s a sharp, deeply felt humanist tale.
Gerald Peary, Boston Phoenix feature article on the 2006 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival.
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Rigorously intimate and disarmingly affectionate, Rain in a Dry Land is in the forefront of the current crop of immigration chronicles… Filmmaker Anne Makepeace never reduces [her subjects] to devices or symbols or anything less than human beings caught in the cross-hairs of global politics. The film's honesty and grit should give it wide appeal… Gorgeously, purposefully shot by vet lenser Joan Churchill and her son, Barney Broomfield, and edited a with sure and sympathetic hand by Mary Lampson.
John Anderson, Variety
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The particular strength of this film is its intimacy, its insistence on portraying immigrants as complicated, high-strung people negotiating the personal boundaries between their traditions and western modernity.
Stephen Holden, New York Times
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Rain in a Dry Land paints an intimate portrait of the lives of the "American Bantu," revealing their beauty and resilience without condescension, and illustrating the special care new refugees need with clarity and compassion.
Rollo Romig, East African Standard
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A revelation! The movie is full of beauty; the most drop-dead gorgeous clothing from Somalia; poetry and song, and even an uplifting ending. You couldn’t invent a more perfect tale of triumph over hardship.
Jenny Hansell and Fred Baumgarten, The Lakeville Journal
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‘It went beyond the filmmaking, and I think that comes out in the film,’ Marmor said. ‘The level of intimacy that the film portralys, it’s clear, it’s dynamic.’
Feature article including an interview with the filmmaker and with Robert Marmor, Executive Director of Jewish Family Service which sponsors refugee families in Springfield, Massachusetts.
Kathleen Wereszynski Murray, Poughkeepsie Journal
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‘Rain in a Dry Land is a riveting portrait of families in transition. Their poetry, humor, and amazing resilience shows us our own world through new eyes.’
Anne Makepeace in extensive interview by Jason Whyte


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